Thank You – Tree Service Pros of McKinney

Not too long ago, a company by the name of Tree Service Pros was able to allow a wedding photographer (Amber & Jason) to do a photo shoot on their tree farm and winery. This was a very special day, one that allowed them to capture shots that were simply not possible outside of the local area. Although this company does work that is completely dissimilar to what she does, they recognize that their property was apropos for the photo shoot she needed to do. Amber did her best to thank the people at Tree Service Pros, a licensed tree service McKinney based company located in McKinney Texas.

Who Is Amber?

Amber is a local photographer, one that is based in or around the McKinney Texas area. She is constantly looking for ways that she can promote her business. For a photographer, this involves building your notoriety, and building up your portfolio on your website, so that people can see exactly what you are able to do. At the time, she was made aware of the property that was owned by Tree Service Pros, and was able to secure a time where she could come in with clients to take photographs. Not only did they have a beautiful tree farm, they also had a winery, which allowed Amber to build her portfolio up very quickly.

Why Would Tree Service Pros Allow Her To Do This?

Although there are businesses did not coincide at all, there is something called reciprocity, a virtue that is often seen in business settings. When you do something nice for one business, that business will do the same for you. That’s exactly what was happening with this photo shoot that Amber did on their property. Not only was it a nice gesture, but they will get plenty of word-of-mouth traffic about their services, mixed with this story of kindness that people will hear. It’s a great way to get free advertising, and at the same time, Amber got to build her portfolio and may also receive word-of-mouth advertising from them.

Amber also thanked Tree Service Pros in a blog post, telling everyone that followed her about this experience. She subsequently shared this on Facebook, Twitter, and even on her LinkedIn account, allowing other businesses to understand how wonderful this company was to her. Feel free to check them out via their Youtube channel.