Make The Best Of Digital Photography at Weddings

Technology has evolved a lot in past twenty years and especially in photography which has become a lot more easier in a way that even an amateur photographer can produce quality photos as most cameras today are easy to operate and have all kinds of automatic features which may save a lot of time.

In this article, we’ll discuss using digital applications for wedding photography and how to make the best of it. The great benefit of digital cameras, as said before, is time. Meaning, replacing a memory card is much faster than replacing a film. This is crucial when taking pictures in the middle of an important event, such as the ceremony (although you should be prepared with an empty card – but everyone makes mistakes sometimes), and also the benefit of the “Preview” option in digital cameras which helps you know your surrounding and erase a bad taken photo and by that, making space to another one.

When choosing which camera to buy you need to go to the store and consult with the vendor because there are a lot of cameras out there and only some of them may be suitable for you.

The first parameter to consider is budget. You may need to buy an expensive camera but before you do that do a little research as you may find to a good camera with a low budget which may stand with your requirements and needs.
Here is a list which will help you decide: DSLR cameras and accessories

There are two types of image files: JPEG and Raw.

JPEG stands for Joint Photographic Expert Group and it’s a very comfortable format as almost every photo editing software support this type of files. It also takes a small memory space in your digital card and it doesn’t take long to download all the JPEG files to your computer. On the other hand, this type of format is hard to work with when photo processing is needed because the white balance is automatic in these sort of files and you may get some noise in images as well as the camera makes automatic process. Raw images are opposite from JPEG format.

The good side in raw images is the possibility to process them freely as the images taken are not compressed or processed by the camera, meaning that in a way, it’s similar to film photography. The bad sides of raw images are in the huge amount of memory for each photo which will enforce you of purchasing big memory cards and also downloading time to your computer is much longer than download the JPEG format to your computer

Most photographers may use the JPEG format as it’s easier to use but you should take some photos and test your camera in order to be familiar with both formats because you’re going to need them both. The most popular memory cards on the market are the Sandisk cards which support almost every type of camera in the market. Those cards start with 4GB up to 32GB. These cards are not so cheap but it’s a must in order to get the best results.

Here is a link to prices range: SanDisk Extreme® Pro™ SDHC™ UHS-I card
The couple may want some extra effects for the photos and in that case you can use Photoshop which is the most popular program in the market.

It’s not a cheap program and it does take a bit of time to learn it but it’s very efficient in working with all kinds of photos.
You can also use a free photo editor software which has the basic option, like Picasa or many other free photo editing software.

If you’re not going to deal with photo editing (and probably you’ve got your reasons) you should work with an exprienced editor who can deliver a professional and fast results.